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I'm from New York, and there are some hospitals out here that offer tuition free training for nursing if you agree to work in the hospital for a certain period of time following the training.  I have a few friends who have done that and are still working at the hospital.  Do any of the hospitals out there offer a similar deal?

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Looking for advice in helping some families with a variety of needs --

One family has a single mom with 3 teen daughters.  Mom has a physical disability and is unable to function well.  Settlement from workers comp has not been completed - seems a long, drawn out situation.  Stress in the family is causing much turmoil.  

One family moved into our area recently. Father has had brain tumor surgery & is working a job outside his typical area of interest just to have an income.  Mom is working a low-paying job just to have a job.  Bills are piling up currently because father had to have a different tumor removed last month & had to be out of work for a few weeks.

One family has a single father of a teen with a learning disability.  Mother left for another man, father has emphysema & is unable to work, and now mother has told daughter she doesn't want to see her any more.

These and several other families in our area receive public assistance, but don't qualify for certain services such as food stamps because their income is too high, yet they can't really live even at poverty level on the income they receive.

Where do I go to find additional resources to understand the system better to be able to help them navigate and find the help they need? 

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